• EATON BUSSMANN - Square Body Fuse Links 120Vd.c, 160A to 240A, 170F

    A range of square body high speed traction fuse link which provides superior protection DC traction application up to 1200V d.c.

  • STRUTHERS DUNN -21XBXHL-48VDC, Flash Transfer

    The new Hermetically Sealed 21H relay is a sealed rugged design for years of use in the field. Designed more compact with superior reliability for the new ATC cabinets.

  • MARATHON SPECIAL PRODUCTS - Power Blocks, Terminal Blocks and Fuse Holders

    Marathon Special Products is an industry leader for supplying power blocks, terminal blocks, and fuse holders in North America.

  • EATON BUSSMANN - XVM-259 Supercapacitor PCBA Module

    Eaton supercapacitors are high reliability, high power, ultra-high capacitance energy storage devices utilizing electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) construction combined with proprietary materials and processes.

  • ELECTROSWITCH – SERIES24 “Smart” Lighted Nameplate

    The Series 24 family of Manual and Remotely Operated Switches are now available with built-in, cost-effective, long-life LED indicators.

  • EATON - Medium-voltage VCP-W vacuum circuit breakers

    The Eaton MV VCP-W Circuit Breaker is renowned for its ease of handling and maintenance. The VCP-W circuit breaker is the standard in reliability, control, and protection for electrical equipment and circuits.

  • NK TECHNOLOGIES - AGV Ground Fault Relay

    AGV Series Ground Fault Relay helps protect products and processes from damage caused by ground fault conditions by monitoring all current-carrying conductors in grounded single- and three-phase delta or wye circuits.

  • GE - HV Vacuum Switch Robust Solutions for Capacitive Switching

    GE’s HV Vacuum Switch is specifically designed to handle challenging capacitive current switching in pole top banks. Standard IEEE Std. 37.66‐2005 and provides a slim and robust design with excellent reliability.

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    NK Technologies
    AC Current Transducers
    NK Technology,AT3-420-24L-FL,AC Current Transducers,ATR Series AC Current Transducers,600 VAC, 50 Amps,4-20 mA
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    NK Technologies
    Power Transducers
    NK Technology,APT6-005-24U-15.0-TH,Power Transducers for Monitoring & Measurement,APT Power Monitoring Measurement Transducer,600 VAC, 0-15,000 Watts, 0-5 VDC ouput, 24 VAC/VDC
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    APT2-420-24U-15.0-TH 945,000

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    AG2-NODC-24U-FS-sss** 453,000

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    AT2-005-000-FT 177,000

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    APT2-420-24U-75.0-TH 945,000